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Hartwig joined Siemens Corp. Research after studying physics at Munich University. He worked on advanced optics, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and speech recognition.

In the early 80s Hartwig joined Siemens' Corp. Strategy Group. From there he moved on to semiconductors operations. During the late 80s / early 90s he ran strategy for Siemens Semiconductors. In 1992 Hartwig moved to Siemens' Communications group to head strategy and M&A. In 01 he became the senior advisor to the group chairman. In this role he built an international network of top experts in the hi-tech domain including academia, industrial analysts, financial analysts, consulting houses, VCs, PE-houses and distinguished individuals within selected corporations.

As a strategist, he lead many projects at functional interfaces: sales vs manufacturing, finance vs startegy, central vs geographies... R&D vs sales, business unit A vs business unit B, corporate vs business units.

Since Dec. 2005 he is working as an independend advisor to Siemens, NSN, PWC, Intel, T-Systems and Munich Tech. Focus: Winning Business Models and Cash Acceleration.

Teaching assignments include Munich Tech, Carl von Linde-Academy, PWC-Academy and Bavarian Elite Academy and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (starting WS 09/10).