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Final thesis (B.Sc., M.Sc.)

Guidelines and evaluation criteria

Guidelines and evaluation criteria at the Chair for Strategy and Organization (LSO) are the same as defined within the research group Marketing, Strategy & Leadership (MSL). 

To write a final thesis at the LSO means to deal intensively and profoundly with a current scientific question. A final thesis at the LSO generally includes the detailed analysis of the current state of research and an empirical examination of the topic. It should be written in English and edited according to the APA guidelines.

> Click here for currently available thesis topics at the LSO

> Click here for the guidelines at the LSO


a) Application for a topic offered by the LSO.
Please send your complete application including a short description of your motivation to apply for the topic, your CV, and your current transcript of record to the respective contact person.

b) Application with an own topic.
Please send your complete application plus an exposé about your topic via mail to Laura Graf.
Further information on writing an exposé you find here. Please note that your proposed topic should be in line with one of the research topics of the LSO. Inform yourself and integrate a clear argument on why your topic fits with the LSO in your exposé.

Registration at the examination office

After acceptance of your final thesis at the LSO, it can be registered at the examination office (Prüfungsamt). Please follow the following steps:

  1. Fill in the respective registration form (click here)
  2. Send the registration form for final approval to your adviser at the LSO.
  3. Hand in the signed registration form to the secretary of the LSO.


Hand-over of the final thesis

The following document are required at the examination office (Noten und Prüfungsverwaltung der Fakultät, Room: 1566, Building: 0505) and the LSO:

  1. At the examination office: 3 hard copies of the final thesis
  2. At the LSO: Electronic versions of the final thesis (Word and PDF), SPSS files (data, syntax), Citavi/Endnote, etc. literature files


Seminar Introductino to Scientific Research

Attendance at the seminar “Scientific Work“ is obligatory when writing your final thesis at the LSO.

Time, Place, and Dates: Courses

Requirements during attendance:

  • Regular and active participation
  • At least 1 poster presentation of your topic (approx. 5-10 minutes)
    • Research topic
    • Intermediate results / final results